View Full Version : Mounting Blu Ray on Windows XP

24.08.2009, 21:23

Hope you can help me with the following.

On my windows XP desktop I can access mounted ISO images using Deamon tools lite v4.30.4.0027. But cannot access mounted Blue Ray ISO's (with BDMV folder in root). When mouting the Blue Ray ISO, the name of the virtual drive in windows explorer changes from DVD-ROM drive to CD-ROM drive. When trying to access the virtual drive a window opens with the following message: 'Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows.'

The same Blue Ray ISO I can mount and access on my Vista laptop without any problem. I've also tried the following. I've created a virtual pc with a clean windows XP install. Then installed Deamon tools lite v4.30.4.0027 on that virtual pc. The same thing happens as on my windows desktop. I can mount and access ISO's, but not the Blue Ray ISO.

What could be wrong?

Thanks for any help in advance. Does Deamon tools lite support blue ray on windows XP?



24.08.2009, 22:18
Install UDF 2.5 driver.