View Full Version : Alcohol 120% or 52% - which do I need?

21.03.2004, 11:22
Since 'discdump' works poorly with WinXP and newer protections, I have had a hard time imaging my CDs. Alcohol seems to be good and I have tried the trial version of 120%, but it is quite expensive. Can someone tell me if Alcohol 52% is all that I need. I just want to image my protected CDs and emulate with DaemonTools. I don't want to burn them or do anything else.

21.03.2004, 13:36
get alcohol 120% it the job.

28.03.2004, 17:58
Well, if you don't want to burn CDs, Alcohol 52 does what you want. It does everything Alcohol 120 does EXCEPT burn CDs.

A much lower cost program that does it all and has worked perfectly for me on SafeDisc v2 copy protection is ********. It copies to hard drive, has two virtual drives and burns CDs. And the images load without problem into Daemon virtual drives.


29.03.2004, 01:06
but ******** isn't recommended for newer protections. IMHO, it's better
to invest time/money to a unique solution.

29.03.2004, 03:08
Well, my game has SafeDisc v 3.15.010 copy protection and ******** handled it without any problems. What newer protections would cause a problem?


29.03.2004, 06:30
I think LocutusofBorg means any protection that needs DPM data (like SecuROM, Tages etc). Safedisc 3.15 is still only using bad sectors which are only difficult to write by burners, but very easy to emulate in a virtual drive.