View Full Version : How can I activate without Internet

25.08.2009, 18:02
We just bought a 25 User License of Pro Standard to install in a School Computer Lab that has no internet connection, and does not plan on getting any time soon.

I need a way to activate without internet - maybe some other key or something?????????????

Help Please

25.08.2009, 18:23
You can't activate DAEMON Tools Pro without Internet.

17.11.2009, 14:54
OK, Thanks - I gave them teporary internet and activated succsesfuly

but about two months later itsays that it needs to revalidate.

Does it periodically go to the internet to see if the license is still good, if yes is there a workaround? after all I did already validate

17.11.2009, 17:56
It is a must to let it into internet after 30 days passed.
And no, no workaround.