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Paul N.
26.08.2009, 01:34
Previously had a ealrier version of d-tools and have been using d-tools since version like 3.4 lol...

Any how i'm an avid bf2 gamer, been using this utilaty ever since i've built my image.

Used to load like a champ!!.

Now with the new revision, i've been having some noticable laag at load up and in between matches.

At times it would as well just laag out punkbuster were it stops responding and advertises that punkbusterb.exe has lost it's heartbeat.

All i have done was taken the latest update it had requested i do.

I do have safedisk enabled cause it's the only way it works.

It's not a machine issue it's a powerhouse.

running 32bit vista ultimate fully updated.
eset nod 32
preety mutch all i have working in the background.

Nother thing i have noticed is that this noticeble laag is some what intermitent. Doesn't matter if i just rebooted or not.

used to take 5 seconds to load the EA launch screen, now about 30 to 35 seconds intermitently.

Any help to try and at least narrow down this bug would be great.


Paul N.
26.08.2009, 06:07
think i may have found the issue that wasn't there prior to update..

i killed a few process from the task manager..

cyber media resident program and something for nero i killed off too and now the lag is gonzo's...

could there be issue *compatability* with any of those?