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26.08.2009, 05:46
Hey guys,

I've recently gotten back into playing Quake 2. It's a great game, but a completely different (and in my opinion, weaker) experience without the soundtrack.

Quake 2 used Redbook Audio I believe, and was burned on mixed media discs where the first track was the game data and the subsequent ones the soundtrack.

I've written a "blank" track and then the soundtrack in the proper order to an .ISO file, and was going to use Daemon Tools Lite to mount it.

However, it doesn't seem to work. I've made sure the mounted drive has an earlier letter than my real ones, and that Quake 2 is configured to play the CD audio. No good.

I'm not sure why. One theory is that Daemon Tools Lite seems to mount a DVD/CD drive, whereas Quake 2 may be trying to detect a standard CD drive. Can I make this program only emulate a regular CD drive?

Another theory is that I'm just burning this disc wrong. I'm not sure how to recreate the format used by the Quake 2 original disc, maybe I'm doing something wrong. How would I recreate this system of Redbook Audio, with data on one track and then a soundtrack on the other ones? Do I have to do something special?


30.08.2009, 11:08
DAEMON Tools v 3.47 supports analog audio emulation. The downsides are that it won't work on Vista, 2003, or Windows 7.

DAEMON Tools 3.47 (http://www.disc-tools.com/download/daemon347+hashcalc)

30.08.2009, 16:16
In Windows 2000 or higher analog audio shouldn't be required anymore. Drivers should support digital audio (must be enabled in 2000).

30.08.2009, 18:54
It would be good if we could have some way to test if this is functioning properly. Some program could generate a test sound loop via analog pins only.