View Full Version : Fresh Windows 7 RTM x32 install Bluescreen after SPTD Install

28.08.2009, 00:40
Ok I tried installing dt lite on my 32 bit laptop. After installing sptd 1.58 I got a blue screen on reboot. So i boot to last known good config and installed sptd 1.6 still get a blue screen. The laptop model is an hp nc2400 and dt has always worked great under vista on the same machine. Before the DT install I had no problems with windows. Any ideas?

28.08.2009, 05:05
Ok it appears that I have a conflict exists between HP 3D Drive Guard and the SPTD Driver.

28.08.2009, 06:42
Install SPTD 1.60

28.08.2009, 18:48
Blazkowicz I tried already and it did not work here are the steps I followed

First OS install has system up and running with HP 3D Drive Guard and all other drivers installed before installing SPTD 1.58. Crash on boot started. Booted in last know good config installed 1.6 still a problem.

Formatted machine first thing I did was install spdt 1.60/dt lite systems boots fine so i procede to install other HP drivers system seems fine. Install HP 3D Drive Guard system dies..... revert to last know good config uninstall SPTD reinstall drive guard system boots uninstall drive guard reinstall SPTD system dies....last known good config. Figured out drive guard installs a driver for an item in device manager have to tell windows to uninstall device and delete driver. Install SPTD system is alive again but have a dirverless item in device manager.

29.08.2009, 15:57
Here are the version numbers of HP drive guard I tried aka soft pack sp44320

3.00 Rev C aka soft pack SP38424

05.11.2009, 00:06
Any news on this, have the same problem, HP 3D Driveguard conflicts with the SPTD driver, both 1.6 and 1.62. This under a fresh Win7 pro.

09.11.2009, 04:03
Hp released a windows 7 version of drive guard but the problem still is there :(

12.12.2009, 14:32
Any update on this?

07.03.2010, 20:39
HP ProBook 4510s
Win7 32bit Ultimate
HP 3D DriveGuard
==> BSoD

07.03.2010, 20:57
A minidump may be good (windows\minidump).

Please also try Version (5 Nov 2009) of DriveGuard.


13.03.2010, 09:34
I am using driver version from 26/02/2010

It still does not work

22.03.2010, 07:22
The same problem. Seems it is common to all HP notebooks under Windows 7. I tried to completely uninstall HP 3D Drive Guard, but even that won't help - BSOD on reboot and go back to system restore point. Any ideas from DT gods? :)

25.03.2010, 08:10
iv got the same problem. i have tried many different version and restored system several times. the problem is still exist.

it looks, the only way to solve this problem,is to delete 3d driveguard from my system. but i dont wanna lost the benefit of 3d guard.

i think there must be some softwares which compacted with HP 3d guard. does anybody knows that?.

25.03.2010, 08:49
...it looks, the only way to solve this problem,is to delete 3d driveguard from my system.

That won't help, I've tried it. The only possible suggestion is to install a clear system without 3d Guard. But it seems now that the problem is not only in conflict of 3d Guard and SPTD driver (as uninstallation of 3D Guard didn't solve it).

to support: Was my minidump helpful? I think not, as nobody answered...

30.03.2010, 09:48
As support seems to be dead and decaying for now (despite the rating and amount of views of the topic)... The solution I've found is to use "Windows XP Mode for Windows 7" (search microsoft.com for this feature) - DT Lite installs and works on virtual PC perfectly. The problem with Virtual PC is that you can't use graphic resources of your machine (i.e. for games), only virtual S3 Trio adapter.

18.05.2010, 12:58
hey guys, good news here.
seems that the problem have been solved after installed the Intel Matrix Storage Manager Driver
I just search the issue in some China's forum and I found that it works!
Yes, just install the 3D guard+intel matrix+daemon tools and restart, work well!
Let's rock!