View Full Version : Daemon Tools installed....operating system gone!

28.08.2009, 04:31
hi, I have a major problem. I just installed daemon tools on a windows vista 32 ultimate, install went ok, asked to reboot. so rebooted. then get msg missing operating system. my whole hard drive is completly gone. recovery console cant find a operating system to restore, cant find anything to repair. working fine, then gone!!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaseeeee any help would be greatly appreciated!!! at least enough to get my files off the computer. I've looked for hours on the internet and in here and cant find anything helpfull so far.

28.08.2009, 05:58
It sounds like your HD failed. Does the bios see the drive?

28.08.2009, 11:44
try running some recovery boot disk and look at the partition information on the drives, it probably got trashed which is why windows recovery won't see anything

28.08.2009, 12:38
I have tried partition recovery programs, none of them see anything. other than a big empty drive. yea, the bios still read the drive as good. its s.m.a.r.t. enabled and still shows as good. I'm going to pull the drive out and load into another computer as seco0ndary, see if I can access it that way. I've tried hirens boot cd, and tried a lot of the recovery programs on that and no luck so far.

28.08.2009, 13:37
I like to use GetDataBack. Also PTDD Partition Table Doctor has worked for me in the past but its soooooooo slow to scan the drive.