View Full Version : "File too big" whenever I try to load an iso file

28.08.2009, 13:26
Hello :D

I have an .iso file which I really want to work, but whenever I try to load it with Daemon Tools (Other programs too) it just says that the file is too big.

Well, it's like this.... The file I want to install is a game, and the iso file is 1.47GB.
I mount it as usual, and then I can choose either install DirectX (Which I already have), install the game or to exit.

I click "Install Game", and then the cmd prompt comes up and says that the file is too big.

I have also tried Daemon Tools on other iso files afterward just to make sure it's actually not DT which is messed up. And those files works perfectly fine

What is the most irritating, is that when I check, other people have got it running at once.
The space on my computer is no problem (Currently 60GB free at C disk and about 15 on D disk)

28.08.2009, 13:51
Your problem isn't related to DAEMON Tools.
You have a bad image. Recreate it using original disc.