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02.09.2009, 00:04
Hello everyone,

I am a longtime user of Daemon Tools and have never had a problem. I just got a new Windows XP SP3 laptop and installed Daemon Tools Lite on it.

My problem comes from mounting one disc image and then swapping to a second image. Basically, let's say I'm installing a game that comes on two discs. I can successfully mount the first disc image and begin installation. Installation proceeds halfway, and then I'm prompted for the second disc. I unmount the first disc image and mount the second one, and click "Continue". This is where the problem is - installation does not proceed and the whole thing essentially crashes. The installation gets stuck and I have to end the process and restart my computer.

I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the laptop's configuration, as the game successfully installs on my desktop computer with no problems.

What's going wrong?

Thanks in advance!

02.09.2009, 09:23
Try to create another virtual drive for second disc image.

02.09.2009, 10:02
Does it work when using the original discs in your physical drive ?

After mounting the second image: is the correct name shown in Windows Explorer ?

Is there any Packet-writing software in use (Sonic DLA, nero InCD etc.) ?

02.09.2009, 16:06
Ensure AutoInsertNotification (AIN) is active, so the disc chane is noticed correctly by OS and application.

02.09.2009, 18:07
Thanks for the replies! Here's a rundown:

- I've tried creating a second virtual drive and mounting disc 2 there. The installation still hangs and I have to manually shut it down because it's crashed.

- I don't think there's any other packet-writing software installed, so this shouldn't be affecting anything.

- I tried installation via the original discs in the physical drive, and got the same problem! Stall and crash.

- The second image, when mounted, does properly refresh in Windows Explorer.

- I double-checked that AutoInsertNotification was enabled on Daemon Tools (it is). I suspected this was the problem before I posted here, so I did some investigation and I believe it's enabled globally for the laptop. Is there a way to double-check?

I'm stumped!