View Full Version : Program only reads the E: drive.

02.09.2009, 07:20
How and can I set daemon tools to drive E: OR get the program to read another drive?

02.09.2009, 08:51
1. Right click on DAEMON Tools Pro Agent (or DAEMON tools Lite if you use one) icon in system tray
2. Click 'Virtual CD/DVD ROM'
3. Select device
4. Click 'Set Device Parameters...'
5. Change drive letter via appropriate combo box

03.11.2011, 18:49
I tried this method however on the list there is no E drive available the list starts with F

03.11.2011, 23:05
In case you're getting a SecuROM error message asking to put the disc in drive X,
you need to disable your real optical drive(s) in Device Manager.

11.11.2011, 13:05
Also, if there is already an E drive then you will have to change the letter of the drive currently connected to E, toanother drive letter, to be able to change the virtual drive to letter E. That said, disabling your real optical drive(s) should work either way.