View Full Version : Image Editor fails to create ISO J image due to #files?

02.09.2009, 06:38
I have a approxemately 6GB data I need to put into an ISO J image; need to pass data to a sandbox on an VMware ESX server.

There are 48322 files taking up 6GB.
I use the newest version of DaemonTool PRO v4.35.306.88.

When I SAVE image the tool starts, and after several minutes it fails with error. I have screenshot; will try attaching this afterwards.

Really need a solution / workaround.

02.09.2009, 11:05
Unable to reproduce your problem.
Please specify your OS version and error message (or attach screenshot).

02.09.2009, 18:12
Is ISO J different from a normal ISO image?

02.09.2009, 18:15
ISO J = ISO9660 Joliet

02.09.2009, 18:19
ISO J = ISO9660 Joliet

Thanks Blazkowicz.

I just remembered that image size could be a problem, lienjohs are you saving to an internal NTFS drive?