View Full Version : W7 Ultimate 64bit RTM = OK, 32bit = no go...

04.09.2009, 08:20
I have been using DT on W7 Ultimate 64bit RTM since Aug 10 (via a purchased TechNet sub). I have absolutely no problems at all on this machine.

I also took my HP 2710p Tablet PC, restored it to OOB factory OS and settings (Vista Business 32bit) and then performed an upgrade to W7 Ultimate 32bit RTM (Also via TechNet). However, when I start to install DT, it goes through installing the SPTD, requests a reboot, and when I reboot it hits a BSOD and then I am presented with a window to start the repair process or else boot normally - . Booting normally takes me right back to where I was, and only performing a System Restore fixes my machine so that it is bootable.

That particular machine has a lot of HP Security related stuff, centered around the TPM built into the machine. I installed most of that software back on using updates from HPs website - any chance this is the culprit?

04.09.2009, 11:00
Yes, it may be a cause. Disable ALL security software and then try to reinstall SPTD and DEAMON Tools.

04.09.2009, 17:56
Easier said than done - this is not 'security software' in the traditional sense, in that it is not something that I can just 'turn off'. This will require some massive amount of uninstalling to get it done.

Luckily, today is a furlough day for the university system, and Monday is Labor Day - a 4 day weekend for me to play.

I'll see what I can do as far as getting this thing installed on that laptop, and report back with my results.