View Full Version : Seeing multiple drives as one large drive possible?

05.09.2009, 10:50
Hey there,

I do have a problem and I would like to know if Daemon Tools could help with it:
I've got multiple backup drives (15) on which raw footage of a digital cinema camera is stored in folders named after the date of the backup.
Now I need to bring all that footage together on one virtual drive into the root directory, which directly shows all the clips clustered all over that drives, because the software I will do the online-process needs to have all the clips in this one place.
It's only about read-processes, no writing takes place.
Is this possible with the help of DaemonTools?
If not, does anyone know a solution?
Thanks very much for your help,



05.09.2009, 11:42
You may create an image with Image Editor which contains all of your data and then mount that image into a virtual drive.
Then you have one drive with all data.

06.09.2009, 04:03
It's an advanced topic but you could create symlinks to each image in one folder http://img.forum.daemon-tools.cc/icons/icon10.gif