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06.09.2009, 16:24
I received a CD from my university with a bunch of course lectures and required information that has Securom on it. I need to use an image of the software because my laptop does not have a CD drive with it. I ripped the image of the CD with alcohol on my desktop and moved it over to my laptop to mount it with Daemon. Without Y.A.S.U. it finds Daemon and wont open, with Y.A.S.U. it tells me that I need to insert the original disc instead of the backup. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advanced!

06.09.2009, 16:39
Bad image, you need New SecuROM profile and try different DPM speeds then.

06.09.2009, 16:41
DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Creating a disc image (http://daemonpro-help.com/general_use/quick_start/create_disc_image.html).

06.09.2009, 22:54
First of all, thanks for the advice. Sadly it's not working. I tried ripping with the New SecuRom profile and it errored out during the reading process at 4x speeds. Tried it with the old SecuRom and SafeDisk and it still doesnt work. Mounted both and with DTE and it gives me "Please insert the original disc instead of a backup (1000)." Any more help on the New SecuRom profile ripping or any other things that I could try would be greatly appreciated.

06.09.2009, 23:11
Then try another DPM speed as i told before.
Also ensure your original disk doesn't contain any scratch.