View Full Version : How do you gain special access to the last yasu versions as a customer?

08.09.2009, 03:53
I had been discourraged by the fact that daemon tools licences are time limited, but decided to buy it.
I however, can't find how do access the latest yasu versions as a customer.
I believe the latest customer build of yasu is 1.1? (and the latest public 1.06.9040)

How do I access the area to download the latest yasu version?
Please reply via forum or PM. (Though forum will help people wondering the same thing)

08.09.2009, 06:29
i mean 1.7 customer, 1.6.9040 public

08.09.2009, 06:36
There is no 1.7 version, 1.6.9040 is the latest version.

08.09.2009, 09:16
1.02 works fine with latest YASU 1.07.
It has SecuRom v7.30.0011.
No 1.7 hm..?

08.09.2009, 15:01
nevermind. i don't seem to be thinking clearly today. =/
1.07 not 1.7

08.09.2009, 15:57
There are no more releases higer than 1.6.9040, whatever version numberts the coder might have used...