View Full Version : DVD/CDRW Drive no longer works

08.09.2009, 05:22
I've searched the forums and didn't find a solution to this that didn't include uninstalling Daemon Tools. I obviously use it on a daily basis and want to keep it, but my DVD/CDRW drive no longer works. I'm using a IBM Thinkpad T42 (about 5 yrs old) with WinXP Prof. I have Tools Version 4.10.0218. Could someone help me out?

I've already tried deleting the driver under device manager and restarting - it reinstalled the drive but the drive still doesn't work. Thanks!

09.09.2009, 11:08
Why do you think your problem is related to DAEMON Tools?
Does this drive work on another computers or on your computer but without DT?

09.09.2009, 12:45
As that obsolete version 4.10.218 can't be officially downloaded (+activated) anymore,
i'm assuming your installation is quite old.
Therefore i don't think your problem is related to DAEMON Tools.

heinz1218 is talking about a laptop ;)

09.09.2009, 14:17
Thanks :) It's my oversight..

09.09.2009, 18:24
I just reinstalled WinXP on my IBM and that's the version of Daemon tools I had from awhile ago. What's the common fix for this? I know I had this problem before with multiple version of Daemon tools but I can't remember how I fixed it...

09.09.2009, 22:11
DAEMON Tools Professional Help: No virtual drive in My Computer (http://daemonpro-help.com/problems_and_solutions/no_virtual_drive_in_my_computer.html)

But you'd better to install the latest DAEMON Tools version.