View Full Version : Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne

22.03.2004, 21:51
When i try run the image it asks me to put in the original game disc, and remove the backup. I was wondering if there was a way i could bet it to work with the image instead of having to rotate the disc between my and my brother?

22.03.2004, 22:42
You can use Alcohol 120% to make a backup. But for 2PCs u need two copies of game

28.04.2004, 16:47
You dont even need the TFT cd, just use the WC3 CD or image of WC3 cd.
Simple :)

But to play online u will need 2 differnet valid CD keys.

30.04.2004, 10:51
i got the same prob too.
i m using alcohol 120.
cant i just create the image n mount it in the virtual drive??
or is there other procedures??

thanx for ur help

30.04.2004, 21:32
just create an image of wc3 cd using alcohol 120 and then u cant mount that using deamon tools, make sure u have latest version.

03.05.2004, 17:26
you can share a disc image over a LAN cable and use it simultaneously on both computers.