View Full Version : Incompatibility between Daemon Tools & F-Secure Internet Security 2010

11.09.2009, 07:13
This is exactly the same as the case of Zone Alarm Extreme however the only way to solve this one is to:

1: double click the F-Secure system tray icon and bring up the main window

2: then click settings

3: then click "DeepGuard"

4: then un-check "Use advanced process monitoring"

Alternately you can bring up the right click menu then click unload. However you can click " unload and continue with current firewall profile " and still have your firewall on.

Power iso and Magiciso still work however they aren't quite as proficient as Daemon Tools is at managing tricky DRM (such as the requirement for a drive speed).

This method may also work if you are having problems with a handful of copy protected games or other programs that utilize process monitors that require advanced system control access