View Full Version : SPTD Won't install (W7 b7100 x64)

11.09.2009, 09:22
Hey guys. I've been using daemon for ages now and it has always worked flawlessly - until now atleast.

I've installed the Windows 7 Build 7100 x64 beta, and SPTD 1.60 (Standalone) just won't install no matter what I throw at it. I've tried running the SPTD with Vista compatabillity, Administrator rights and with driver signing off (not the CMD based version but the group security rights method).

What happens is that after I install the SPTD and reboot, nothing has happened. Daemon Tools tries to install the 1.58 version and send me into reboot hell and the standalone SPTD install claims there is no SPTD installed after a rebooted install.

Does anyone know how to fix this so I can install Daemon Tools again?

11.09.2009, 09:35
isn't that a very old beta? think its 7600 now as rtm, perhaps try it on that?

11.09.2009, 12:20
I did a reinstall of 7100 and now it works. Thanks anyway. :)