View Full Version : D-Tools wont start

23.03.2004, 07:08
Operating System: winxp pro
Burning Software: Nero
Anti-virus Software: Gdata antivir toolkit
DAEMON Tools Version: 344

I finally managed to uninstall daemontools with your instructions and do a reinstall (344).
now when I doubleclick on the DAEMON Tools icon it will not start, simply nothing happens. Any Idea ?

23.03.2004, 10:13
Check task bar if Daemon Tools icon is present ... you usually don't need to start Daemon Tools via desktop icon.

23.03.2004, 14:19
no there is no taskicon running. I have some raid driver that winxp tries to update every restart on my asus board since last week. I will try the 346 version and report back if that solves my problem.

23.03.2004, 18:42
please report back here if this solves your problems

25.03.2004, 17:19
the problem was solved after a second restart. After the uninstall the new version installed and started without error. Dunno what the problem was