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21.09.2009, 18:22
I've successfully installed Daemon Tools however when I mount the image of the program I want to install it tells me I must be an administrator to install the software.

I've tried:
Checking that I am an administrator
Right click -> Run as admin (option doesnt exist)
Disabling UAC (Didn't help)
Opening DT with the "Run as admin" command


21.09.2009, 18:42
Which DT version?
Does it say something regarding administrator when you click on Start -> Run (Windows key +R)? If yes, UAC is really disabled.

I guess you are using Vista, do you?

Also, is that error coming from DT or the software you want to install?

11.10.2009, 22:35
I have the same problem as stated in this thread and since there's no reply from Durzo, I'll take his place in this.

I have axactly the same problem. DT always works just fine but I got this one download that requires me to be an administrator in order to install it when trying to mount it.

It says
"Can't Run
You must be an Administrator to install [...]
I'm Using Daemon Tools Pro Standard Edition

11.10.2009, 22:38
Did you try to perform right click -> 'Run as administrator'?