View Full Version : i cannot access the website of disc-soft.com

25.09.2009, 18:44
i purchased a full version of daemon tools with a 2 year free upgrade on 12-11-08. i had to format my windows xp system again and need to download daemon tools pro - full version of 4.30.0304. however i tried all day to get on the website of either disc-soft.com or daemon tools, but the website does not show up. the internet explorer always tells me: cannot access website. what is the problem?
please help asap. thx.

25.09.2009, 21:45
We have some problem because of our ISP :( I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible.

25.09.2009, 22:30
Home :: Disc-Soft.com (http://www.disc-soft.com) is available at the moment.

26.09.2009, 11:32
hallo sway,
thx for your replies. in the meantime (this morning) i was finally able to connect. all installed again now. thx. the display on the website sure looks funny. is that russian language?

26.09.2009, 11:51
I don't know what localization was displayed for you :) but French should be.
Supported languages are English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.