View Full Version : daemon-tools.cc down

25.09.2009, 20:33
i try to go to daemon-tools.cc but its down, cant connect

25.09.2009, 22:27
Sorry, but we have some problems with our ISP. www.daemon-tools.cc is available from time to time for now. I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible.

15.10.2009, 09:25
Must be having more problems with your ISP. I was going to download a copy and it did not work.

May it will be back online later.

02.01.2010, 22:00
The Home page :: DAEMON-Tools.cc (http://www.daemon-tools.cc) site appears to be down again. It fails to load for me.

I can download the latest version from a mirror but would like to check the file hash before installing. It would be useful if you mentioned the file hash of new releases in the announcement posts on this forum for when the site is down but the forum works.