View Full Version : Ashes Cricket 2009 with DT + YASU

26.09.2009, 22:48

is there anyone in this forum who running Ashes cricket 2009 with DT lite + YASU latest ?

its keep giving me "wrong disk inserted" error. can anyone help ?

Thank you.

26.09.2009, 23:32
You have a bad image, recreate it from your original disk.

27.09.2009, 08:57
didnt work, i just did a scan of exe and found this result

Scanning -> J:\program files\Codemasters\Ashes Cricket 2009\Cricket2009.exe
File Type : Exe, Size : 14361568 (0DB23E0h) Byte(s)
-> File Appears to be Digitally Signed @ Offset 0DB2000h, size : 03E0h / 0992 byte(s)
[Heuristics] -> Flag : 00000000000000000000000000000101
[!] SecuROM Detected - Version 07.40.0006
[!] Possible CD/DVD-Key or Serial Check -> Invalid serial

seems like it uses SecuROM 07.40.0006. is that the problem?

27.09.2009, 10:42
didnt workYou still get the same error message ?
How have you created your image (program/settings) ?

27.09.2009, 11:42

27.09.2009, 15:37
Well, as i already told you, your image is bad.

That error is happening when people create the images per hand, e. g. packing an ISO image manually or downloading images.

Also you haven't answered how you created that one, if you aren't answering that question within one week, i will consider a ban for having warez.