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29.09.2009, 02:19
Image burning starts and runs as expected until it nears completion. When it reaches 99% completion (with about 5 secs remaining) it freezes and never completes. (I have left it in this state for hours and it never completes.) However, after canceling the process, the data is written to the disc. I am using Daemon Tools Pro standard v4.35.0306.0088 on a compaq laptop with a 2.5 GHz pentium 4 and 1 GB of memory with windows xp (SP3). My anti-virus is AVG 8.5.

29.09.2009, 02:38
Could you please try to burn an image with AstroBurn Lite, then we will know if it is alread fixed in next DT Pro version.
Of course try with a rewritable one.

Also what recorder and blank media did you use?

30.09.2009, 22:59
Thank you for the suggestions. Since my last post, I have tried:
1. updating CD-DVD driver/firmware (whatever) :)
2. burning with Astroburn Lite (same results)
3. attaching an external drive (same results)
4. burning using brand new disc (CD-RW) and the external drive. While this process also failed, I was able to successfully make a disc image of this CD.

Also, I tried making a disc image of one of the other discs that failed (an assortment of CD-R and CD-RW) and this time I was not successful. I don't remember the exact message at failure, but it was something about a portion of the disc being bad.

ps. the internal drive is QSI SBW-241, and the external is NEC ND-2510A

30.09.2009, 23:12
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