View Full Version : wierd neverwinter nights 2 message

29.09.2009, 06:16
I was using DT lite to work NWN2, and it was working fine until I installed the Zehir expansion. After trying to play the game, I got a "Please remove disc from current CD/DVD drive and insert the original disc in another drive d:.". This message appears after running the file and after hitting "play". I can update the game just fine, but thats all I can do without the error.

I tried a few fixes and eventually uninstalled everything. After re-installing the original NWN2 only, I got the same message. Any help?

29.09.2009, 06:55
Set your virtual drive to d:\ then and your previously physical drive of d:\ to something else.
It is also possible you have to use an antiblacklisting tool like DTE or YASU.

30.09.2009, 02:32
Thanks for the help. I changed my physical to F: and my virtual to D:. The result was the same message, only this time directing me to the F: drive. Does that mean I'm blacklisted?

30.09.2009, 10:11
Try an antiblacklisting tool as suggested by Blazkowicz.
But only YASU is capable of cloaking the virtual drives of DT lite.


P.S.: have you patched NWN2 to latest version ?

01.10.2009, 00:35
I patched fully and can access the game now. Thanks again for the help.