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29.09.2009, 11:14
I've been growing sick of disk swapping so I tried this program to end such anoyances. Here's the SP.

Installed Hitman Blood money (before I got DAEMON) from physical drive G:

Game playes fine with disk in drive G: no problem

I used DAEMON to copy the original disk with all the security tick boxes checked. I then mounted the image (Drive E:) and went to "Play Game" it said insert the disk into drive G: and something about Securom.

Haha thinks I, I'll uninstall the game run the installation from the ISO of the original mounted on drive E and I'll be good to go.

No such luck. Same Error message "insert the disk into drive G".

Q1. Why does this not work?
Q2. Can I get DAEMON to convince the game it is drive g:?
Q3. Can I redirect where the game looks to play from? i.e. look in drive E: not drive G?
Q4. Is there a better / easier way to get this sorted?


29.09.2009, 11:48
First of all, recreate an image from original disc via DAEMON Tools Pro using SecuROM profile.

DAEMON Tools Professional Help: Creation (http://daemonpro-help.com/general_use/work_with_image_files/create.html)

29.09.2009, 12:00
I have Daemon tools lite, is this not capable?

29.09.2009, 13:17
You can create only regular Data Disc image via DAEMON Tools Lite, not protected. Most likely, your original disc has SecuROM protection.