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04.10.2009, 23:00
lol then I will post my question here, because I cant post in the forum:S, it looks that this forum is even bad as daemon!
because I just installed, and now when I reboot my pc its load automatic fifa 10! wtf wtf wtf,
I just removed all the data and installed whole XP again!
but again, its look like a virus somebody know how i can remove this program!?(virus) when I remove cideamon.exe its automatic turns back! wtf, sorry for my bad english!

05.10.2009, 05:09
Describe your problem more detailed.
How did you get 'cidaemon.exe' file? Where is it stored? DAEMON Tools doesn't contain such file.
And be more polite, please!

05.10.2009, 05:57
Cideamon.exe is part of XP's indexing service, designed to make
searches of your hard disks faster. Check out the link below and follow the instructions to disable it and it should correct your problem.

Windows XP FAQ Answers (http://www.blackviper.com/AskBV/XP14.htm)