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05.10.2009, 09:54

I have Pro Std which I recently bought to replace my old Ultra ISO software and I'm trying to edit a bootable image but when I try to save it says that "this image type is not supported by the current version, if you continue you will loose the ability to boot" or something like that.

It's just a standard Microsoft Windows image from MSDN, nothing weird or wonderful. I can edit the image in my very old Ultra ISO but for some reason my Daemon Tools image editor won't (ver. 4.35.0306.0088). I also tried installing an evaluation version on my sons xp machine and the same thing there but can also edit the image through Ultra ISO there.

I tried searching the forums for this type of error but can't find anything relating to it so hopefully someone can shed a little light for me please.



05.10.2009, 11:11
What image type did you try to edit?

05.10.2009, 12:22
It was an ISO image, is that what you mean by "type"?

06.10.2009, 14:22
Is there another place I need to log a call or something to get feedback on this problem?

I was under the impression that the forums was where problems got sorted but I don't seem to get any feedback.

06.10.2009, 15:15
Contact our Support Team - Send Message :: Disc-Soft.com (http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg/tech).

06.10.2009, 18:06
You can't edit boot images in the current version. They're working on the problem.