View Full Version : Right Click on image file to mount.

24.03.2004, 08:55
EDITED: I just found another post saying where do download an addon to do what I just suggested. That is just Swweeeet! However, I would still like to see this as an integrated part of the program.

One thing that I have not found on any virtual drive software is the option to right click on an image file to mount it. For example.

If I have 3 virtual drives. And I want to mount an image file to each, i would simply right click on the image file, then select Mount > it would then list the 3 virtual drives, and I could mount select one to mount the image file.

This would be a Great feature because you would no longer have to browse to mount an image file. Oh, and also, all image types would be included, ISO, NRG, BIN, IMG etc....

Let me know what you think :)