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24.03.2004, 10:43
I have read around and hadent seen my cerosity asked yet in length. I am wondering if it would be posible either through plugin or write of dameon tools to make a remote dvd/cd drive usable as if local.

I have intrest for two fold it would be nice to set up som programs on my linux server to allow for a windows machine to use nativly a dvd or cd rom on my home server. I know you wont support burning but that is another issue that i would be intrested in having it do via the network I was wondering, wheather it would be doable via plugins or if it would need to be done in dameon tools or most likely imposible evin if you had the time unless a full rewrite was done. I understand the unc mounting of images which i would do for some but i dont want to keep dvd images around at up to 9gig a peace how ever it would be nice to have a media server for the house.

as far as i know your software is about the only one out there fantom cd is close as well but they are a business and dont allow plugins etc... ;)

i have ben a fan of your software for quite a while.. when ever i download a new distro of linux i promptly mount it via the tools to make shure its a good download

07.04.2004, 02:32
As said in other POSTS... You can do this by windows networking.... Linux supports mounting ISO like a normal CD-Rom. www.tldp.org
(the linux documentation project) If your talking about remote network mounts over the internet, THIS IS NOT A VIABLE OPTION. Unless you have T1.

Setup some programs on your linux server ..... mmm... As above... Linux would be a viaable option for anyone wanting a CD Server Windows will always be Limited to the number of Drives 26 intill longhorn... or WinFS.

Or another option is to put all the ISO's into a SMB network share and mount them as a network drive on your PC then use DeamonTools to mount them.

11.04.2004, 07:30
part of the reason i dont want to do the mount of iso is dvd's are usually around 9 gig i would much rather run the dvd off my server and watch it on one of my media boxes. this is ofcourse for internal lan use ;)
I was also thinking of seting it up so windows doesnt know the drive isnt a cd/dvd burner and try's to burn the cd to the phantom drive which relays the information to the server and then the linux box runs its scripts and burns the disk on its phisical dvd/cd burner

that is more of where i was intrested in. i dont know if it is feasable to hand phisical controal of the servers dvd drive to a client through daemon tools(im mainly asking to see if it is posible not nessasarly for dameon tools dev to do it) or if there would need to be some other way of doing it. I could see daemon tools writing to a unix socket on the server and then the server translating it from there as a secondary posibility. I understand that this is not nessasarly what the daemontools writers intend it to do that is why if it is posible to do through a plugin or somthing of the like I plan to pay my friend to write the plugin for me

11.04.2004, 13:21
What is wrong with a samba server? This method doesn't involve copying iso during mount. It is fully random-access.

13.04.2004, 11:25
as far as i know since windows sees it as a shair you cant use the burner function of it. samba would work for dvd movies but dvd games and others require the dvd be in a dvd drive. hence the need for a drive emulator. or its back to the copying files to drive.