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06.10.2009, 22:35
Ok this thing is going on for enough time now, and it's a miracle my HD is still alive and working.

I know it's not a "bad image" problem, because when in a prevous case I tried to decompress an ISO (using winrar) and installing no problems occurred.

It is completely random, occurring during the installation of a software (games, in my case), and it did not happen on ALL images I had.

Googling the problem (a critical problem, IMO, because there're high possibilities to damage your hard drive) I found many discussions about it, but not a clear anwer.

I've used DT for years, and this is the 1st time I have a problem like that.

My (2 months new rig):

- Gigabyte mobo (someone wrote the problem was a process of the "energy saving" sw from gb but I haven't that process on)
- AMD phenom II 920 (4 cores)
- win xp sp3
- 4gb ram

I even tried to uninstall my antvirus, but to no avail.

- I tried to mount the same image with Alcohol120% and the same error occurred.
- I tried a different version af DT (lite), the if I'm not wrong, and the freeze was there again
- One of the threads I found: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/page-246271_14_0.html

Any ideas?:confused:

06.10.2009, 22:58
UPDATE: Iv'e foud this thread on this board and followed the suggestions by Blazkowicz: http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/games-freeze-during-installation-24564/

This is what I've found:

- The process at issue is called "ESSVR.EXE"
- That process disappeared as soon as I've foud and unistalled the gigabyte energy saver (had to reboot win)

Now I'll try to reinstall DT and see what happens.

07.10.2009, 10:05
Is your problem solved?

07.10.2009, 14:56
(sorry I was awaiting the publication of my post)

The answer is YES, the problem was clearly there. :)

07.10.2009, 17:08
Happy for you :)