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09.10.2009, 13:42

I recently bought this package sold out / alpha centauri (http://www.mastertronic.com/productSoldOut.asp?pid=756&productLabelID=1).
It contains 2 CDs. I managed to make an image of the 1st one with no problems. The 2nd one I cannot.
DT starts to read the disc, after ~10 secs it sais 100% complete. The image has 1.6 MB, it contains all the structure, the file names, but nothing else. I tried with different profiles - SecuROM, SafeDisc, data disc, checked skip bad sectors, no change.

I am using DT Pro Advanced on windows 7 ultimate x86.

Thank you.

09.10.2009, 15:36
What's the size of the files of CD2 in Explorer ?
Or is CD2 the Alien Crossfire Expansion Pack ?

09.10.2009, 15:39
Did you try to create another type of image? Or did you try to create an image using any other program?

09.10.2009, 16:31
@Terramex - 661 MB
@Sway - yes, I did, with a free burning studio software. I got a "Could not read from disc. (Sector 810)", so I tried again with DT.
It seems that I found the right combination - old SecuROM, ignore bad setors and MDS file not ISO. As long as I select ISO I have no image. Now it's reading it (it's still at 0%) for 40 minutes now.

I will update this when it's done.

09.10.2009, 16:51
@Terramex - 661 MB
I got a "Could not read from disc. (Sector 810)", so I tried again with DT.Read errors starting around that position are typical for Safedisc protected CDs.
The old Copybase protection database (http://copybase.org/datenbank/?cbq=Alpha+Centauri) also says it's Safedisc.

If your drive is very slow in skipping those defective sectors you can try the fastdump method:
http://forum.daemon-tools.cc/f19/quick-question-about-fastdump-11163/#post56424 (you can skip step 2 if already installed ;))

09.10.2009, 16:58
Yes, it's SafeDisc. The list and ProtectionID confirms it.

OK, I can reproduce this. If I select MDS file type my image is created.
Same options, ISO file type - no image.

09.10.2009, 17:16
I've just tested some old CDs and i can confirm there's a "bug" (i guess it's intended as profile settings are greyed out once the output format has been changed to ISO) in ISO creation of Safedisc 1-4 CDs.

But an ISO of a Safedisc 1 title wouldn't work anyway - at least not without activating the Safedisc emulation.

09.10.2009, 17:51
I know it would not work but still make the image or throw an error or something.

09.10.2009, 18:02
I know it would not work but still make the image or throw an error or something.Completely agree with you. I'll forward it.