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11.10.2009, 20:49

i can use lite without any problems, however after successful installation of pro/advanced dtpro.exe hangs on initialization (using 0% cpu for about 30 seconds and then using 50% cpu in task manager - dual core cpu).

currently i am using latest trial but this problem occurred in every version of pro/advanced in the past year at least.

after that happens a new drive letter shows up in my computer.
given that i have entirely uninstalled daemon and sptd and deleted those keys:
- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\sptd
before trying latest trial i suspect that the cause is vIDE.

i remember using trial version of dt pro advanced with vIDE some time ago and i remember that it stopped working.

is there anything i can do to uninstall all settings of vIDE driver ? or a log i can look up if vIDE is not the reason ?


11.10.2009, 20:55
Which OS do you use?

11.10.2009, 20:56
Try installing Standard Trial to check if vIDE is the cause.

During start it starts all available virtual adapters if not already started.

How long is it hanging?

11.10.2009, 21:16
using windows xp sp3 and already tried to install standard but it looks like when i try to download standard trial the file is exactly the same (bit by bit) like like pro advanced trial so i cannot check that :/

looks like dtpro.exe hangs forever (waited around 1hr) and i have to kill it. also memory consumed raises to hundreds of megabytes during that hang.

11.10.2009, 21:34
Yes, setup is the same. During install you can choose between Standard and Advanced trial.
Please check device manager and event viewer when you are starting dtpro.exe for any errors or exclamation marks.

11.10.2009, 21:45
ah, yes. feel kinda stupid that i didn't notice :)
unfortunately there is no difference :/ and event log doesn't log anything during startup of dtpro.exe

11.10.2009, 22:04
And device manager?
Please drop also a message to support (www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg) with your problem and a link to this thread, thank you.

11.10.2009, 22:17
device manager shows no problems.
i sent a message to support as suggested.

thanks for your assistance, will post back if support will be able to resolve my case.

12.10.2009, 09:02
i noticed another strange thing.
when i launch dt agent it shows up in tray and i can add/remove vIDE and SCSI virtual drives however when i hover mouse over image library/recent images (i am not sure if that's the name, i am not at my home computer right now) what follows is exactly same behavior as during launching of dtpro.exe - high memory consumption and hang with 50% cpu usage.