View Full Version : Trouble installing on Windows 7 64bit

11.10.2009, 23:37
Hi, i've recently upgraded from Vista to 7, and found myself needing to reinstall alot of programs. But qwhenever i try to reinstall Daemon tools, the installation just keeps looping. I run it, it then asks for a reboot to continue, so i let it, and then it does it all over again, starting the installation again. Thinking it was just me, i humored it and let it go on. But its just looping itself

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

12.10.2009, 05:03

12.10.2009, 15:16
Thanks, deleting the SPTD registry key fixed it. Fromt here i could install a fresh one.

12.10.2009, 15:27
Great!! ;)