View Full Version : DT Completely Fried my PC!!! please help

12.10.2009, 11:26
hi i installed the latest version of DT on my pc the other day. and after i rebooted the pc wouldn't get past the windows screen where you see the bar moving etc. system: amd athlon 64 3200, asus k8n board, 3 gig ram.

soi tried safe mode:no. safe mode disabling sptd: no. last known configuration:no. win xp recoery cd: no, freezes when loading windows..

i am sure this is connected to DT somehow. frankly i am tired. what would you guys suggest me? should i just thrıw the hard drive altogether. i have 3 80 gig drives, only 1 has windows xp on it. what should i do at least to save my files. i have no access o windows whatsoever

12.10.2009, 12:01
DAEMON Tools Professional Help: My system won't boot after installation of v4, or problems with SPTD.SYS (http://daemonpro-help.com/?id=547)

If you've already tried all of that, contact our Support Team - Send Message :: Disc-Soft.com (http://www.disc-soft.com/sendmsg/tech).

13.10.2009, 19:09
I thought when booting from windows CD (what the xp recovery cd probably is), you didn't need to access the hard disk.. It should work on any system with a software problem.
If it doesn't boot I think the problem has something to do with your hardware.. Recently changed something?

Btw if you are going to erease the harddisk with windows on it, the other disks/partitions are just fine (saved). If you got no backup of files on the windows partition, you can try make a bootable usb stick or something to launch XP so you can copy some.. I really advice making regular backups!

Good luck.