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13.10.2009, 16:03
i have been a fan of this product for a long time.

and i have a question, are there going to be a new released of daemontools lite in the near future.

and any idea when.


13.10.2009, 18:50
Most likely the new version of DAEMON Tools Lite will be released next week.

14.10.2009, 07:36
I'm usin Windows 7 and i have installed Daemon Tolls Advanced in trial versiona but i had seen that i do not use the other feature that Lite version offer. I'm waiting for the new Lite realise. Can you tell me, if it's possible, the exact date please?

14.10.2009, 08:13
Nobody knows the exact date :)

What feature are you talking about?

15.10.2009, 17:43
I use only 2 virtual drives in witch i load dvd images. In rest i make my images with nero. For me Lite version is enought!

20.10.2009, 07:38
Any news about the date of the new realease of DT LITE?

20.10.2009, 07:58
It will be released ASAP. No more news for now.