View Full Version : ATI hd3200 not detected after install please help

17.10.2009, 10:33
OS is xp 32bit onboard video card ati hd3200, message when installing requires reboot afterwhich the video card is not detected need help i need the daemonlite to work..

17.10.2009, 10:40
What version of DT did you install?
Also do you see the graphics card in device manager?
Or you don't see anything at all (not even BIOS)?

17.10.2009, 10:47
dt lite 4.304..when i run dxdiag the grphics card is not detected not even the driver..I can't run any of my installed games because of this..what do i do?>

17.10.2009, 11:15
Still, check device manager for any exclamation marks.

17.10.2009, 21:08
After reboot when prompted upon installing sptd, my graphic card is not detected..onboard ati hd 3200..what do I do?Someone please help me please