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25.03.2004, 10:42
Operating System: Windows XP HOME
Burning Software: clone cd (4.2)
Anti-virus Software: AVG6.0
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

Hi there people, I performed a manual uninstallation of the last version of Daemon by deleting the PNP BIOS EXTENSION drivers in the device manager of Windows XP; I have seem to deleted a windows driver because now I cant install a virtual clone drive. When I try to install a virtual clone drive, I get the error with Daemon that virtual SCSI driver not detected. How can I get this PNP BIOS EXTENSION driver back without having to reinstal windows all over? Or is there another reason why I'm getting this error message with the boot up of daemon. Any help would be great. :(

25.03.2004, 11:30
Why did you try to un-install Daemon Tools manaully!? Always un-install via control panel -> software!
Read threads in common problems and solutions forum how to remove Daemon Tools completely (e.g. thread about error 25002).
You shouldn't use CloneCD's virtual drive, it's blacklisted by almost all protections!
Btw did you try to re-install v3.41 yet (and then remove it via control panel)?
And checkout v3.46!

26.03.2004, 00:32
Well the reason I uninstalled the last version of Daemon was because after I installed the new version over the old version; the new version wouldnt work. Also the new version created 2 generic DVD-ROM drives which I didnt need. I tried to uninstall the generic drives via the devic manager but after reboot they just install automatically by themselves again. This is why I did the manual uninstallation of the generic drives by deleting the PNP BIOS EXTENSION drivers. Now I cant install any virtual drives, I just get a error that No virtual SCSI driver was found. How do I reinstall the PNP BIOS EXTENSION drivers without reformating my whole computer? Oh and yes, I uninstalled the v3.41 now by just using the control panel and installed the v.3.46. Yet I still get the same no virtual SCSI driver was found message. I miss DAMEON tools! I have been using virtual clone drive in the past but what is the best virtual drive to obtain for my computer?

26.03.2004, 01:03
I installed the new version of Daemon and it created a (E):DVD drive. But when I click on the daemon.exe I dont get the daemon icon on the taskbar. In other words daemon doesnt work. I got the PNP BIOS EXTENSTION back after installing daemon v3.46. Why wont the program work?

26.03.2004, 02:43
for some odd reason I got the daemon.exe to finally appear on my taskbar. It took about 99% persperation and 1% inspiration to do it. :)