View Full Version : .mds/.mdf files

24.10.2009, 20:16
While attempting to open these files with DT v4.30.4 to read the information contained on them, my computer hesitated then displayed 'to open auto-play cd's, right click a file and select open', which I did. After a brief pause the same message was displayed again. What gives?
DT has been great and this is the first time it hasn't played my files. Am I overlooking something? Thanks.

24.10.2009, 20:19
Don't get you, could you explain it more simple what the problem is, thank you.

24.10.2009, 20:40
Yes, I will try.
I have some files that are labeled .mds and .mdf that I would like to open. When I mount them there is a brief pause as DT notifies me that it is mounting the selected file. After pausing even longer I receive a message stating that in order to open an auto-play cd all I need to do is right-click a file and select open. I then proceed to perform this action (to attempt to open the chosen file) to which I receive the message again. I am not sure I have made this clearer, but I hope I have.

24.10.2009, 21:00
Also showing a reported error as: 133_appcompat.txt. It is unclear to me what this means.

24.10.2009, 21:34
So in My Computer you are doing a right click on virtual drive and select open ?

24.10.2009, 22:26
Yes, I was trying to open them through 'My Computer' with DT and also as individual files in 'My Documents' with DT to no avail. I have, however, cleared up the error message but this has not made any difference thus far. I may have to try something else in order to open these files or perhaps they are damaged. As I said, DT has been flawless for me up to this point so I am reluctant to cite it as the root of the problem.

24.10.2009, 23:03
Try to recreate these images from orignal disk and use mount (http://www.daemon-help.com/general_use_lite/quick_start_lite/mount_image_to_device_lite.html) feature of DT.