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27.10.2009, 08:46
ok, so I have only just gotten DT and it is a bit hard to use and I dont really understand but, i have kinda figured that you have to do all this image stuff (what are images?) anyways, i have a question.

1 - Whenever i go to "Make disk image" , it runs and then about 10 - 20 seconds in, it says

"Read operation had hit a ECC/EDC bad (recoverable) block (819)"

I am trying to get the Sims Deluxe Edition (The original sims, so it is a bit old) and i have windows vista and the DT v4.35.0306 Trial version ... for now.

so can you please help and point me in the right direction if I am doing something wrong.

27.10.2009, 09:30
Try to select the lowest speed. But the best way is to use DT Pro with checked 'Ignore bad block' option.

27.10.2009, 12:34
Those read errors are part of the protection.

27.10.2009, 21:56
ok, so it was finished successfully...

now, because it has 2 discs, when i run it, it has no sound, do i need to do the second disc aswell?
and if i do, how would i be able to play it with the two images?
also, because sims has a heap of expansion packs, how would i be able to use them too?
and, will i need DT to run the game?