View Full Version : Mounting works, but when I try installing nothing happens

27.10.2009, 17:17

I've had a problem with Daemon Tools for a while now. Mounting works great and you can see the DVD and the files in it. If I click setup, it loads for a while and then just nothing happens. Same problem with autorun. I've tried reinstalling Daemon Tools or using other similar programs but nothing helps. Only when I reinstalled Windows XP the problem went away, but it has come back now.

Thanks in advance!

27.10.2009, 18:27
Is it working when you try to install from your original disks?

27.10.2009, 18:59
Yes, CDs and DVDs work fine. Only when installing from an image file this problem occurs. The weird thing is that it seems to occur randomly, so some of the images work while others don't.

04.11.2009, 08:56
I guess no one else is having this kind of problem?

04.11.2009, 08:57
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12.11.2009, 10:35
Some software on CD/DVD may save some settings in your system registry or in files. So, setup program may save its current path when you start it from the real CD/DVD. Then you may have a problem if start the same program from the virtual drive.
It is the one of several possible reasons of this issue.
In case you can browse files and folders on virtual drive and then copy all content to your hdd, it means your system works fine with the virtual drive and you need to search the problem in other places.

12.11.2009, 11:01
Is there a drive letter assigned to the virtual device?
May be some filter driver interferes ...