View Full Version : Internal Setup Error. Error Code:14. Contact Support

28.10.2009, 11:25
hi guys, im currenlty using windows vista x64, and have downloaded:
-daemonTools Lite 4.12.1

none of them has worked and im fustrated! I'm not sure what's wrongs, but mostly the "Internal Setup Error. Error Code:14. Contact Support" comes up.

can any1 please kindly help me?? thanx a lot in advance!! =D

28.10.2009, 13:32
Disable ALL security software.

28.10.2009, 13:55
thanx so much for the fast reply..but im a newbie with all this, what do you mean by security software? as in like the antivirus and stuff?

28.10.2009, 14:54
Antiviruses, firewalls, etc.

28.10.2009, 15:07
thanx SWAY for all the help!! i've actually just burned my program to CD, and it worked perfectly fine without daemon! though i did try turning off all the antivirus and firewall, it still didn't work! >.<" but thanx so much for your help and time anyway! =)

28.10.2009, 21:12
also disable UAC (USer Account Control) in control panel, and run installer as adminsitrator