View Full Version : DT Pro 4.35.0306 - Locking up in Win 7

29.10.2009, 20:01
Got DT Pro 306 to install fine in Win 7 after updating to it, it worked fine the first time. However since then, opening it leads to it locking up every single time.

Tried a reinstall, same thing. Worked first time then locked up on subsequent attempts.


29.10.2009, 20:17
Locking up is what exactly for you?
Do you have a Gigabyte mainboard?
Also updated to SPTD 1.62?

29.10.2009, 21:43
Locking up = the initialise window etc comes up and the main Daemon Tools window opens but none of the menus etc load and you can't close it or do anything?

Using an Abit IP35 Pro board. SPTD 1.62? :confused:

29.10.2009, 21:54
You can download SPTD 1.62 from DuplexSecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com)