View Full Version : I can install but not use ISOs

30.10.2009, 14:26
hi guys,

I'm trying to use Daemon tools to play some of my old games. I've got ISO files and DT detects them and I can install them, but then as soon as I go to play them DT shuts down and gives an unspecified error msg (program has encountered an error blah blah)

any help would be appreciated

30.10.2009, 15:01
What OS, DT and SPTD version are you running?
Also what is the image name and the content exactly?

01.11.2009, 12:54

I dont know what OS or the other thing are (as in i dont know what they stand for), but the DT version is,

the iso is a pretty old version of a freeware game called dink smallwood, but when i check on my pc it still runs fine (i'm running from a notebook with no cdrom, hence the need for an iso)

01.11.2009, 14:16
Are you sure the ISO has to be mounted when starting the game ?
Can you give a (non-fishy) link for that ISO download ?
Did you play the game with the current OS before ?
You have problems with other ISOs as well ?

You might also try this version: RTsoft - Dink Smallwood (http://www.rtsoft.com/dink/download.htm)

OS = Operating System
SPTD = the access layer that's installed together with DAEMON Tools lite