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31.10.2009, 00:06
I downloaded D2 because I wanted to play it again, but all of my disks are scratched due to time, wear and tear.

This is not some sort of hack or anything, I have all of my CD Keys - as you cannot play the ones without legitimate keys in the first place.

I've added my IDE drive as the virtual device (Daemon Pro Advaced), mounted the Install Disk, and tried to proceed to burning where it tries to burn under my CD drive and says the disk is not writeable. There are no other options under the burn menu other then my CD drive.

Any suggestions?

31.10.2009, 00:14
You cannot burn discs via virtual drive. You your physical drive to perform this action.

31.10.2009, 00:23
I wasn't trying to burn a disc, I am trying to burn an ISO image to a virtual drive. I've looked in the help section and everything. This was my last resort. I'm stuck :<

31.10.2009, 00:30
You cannot burn anything to a virtual drive. You should mount an image. If you're unable to do it, describe your problem more detailed.

31.10.2009, 00:38
:D you cant burn images or files using your virtual drives. You can only use your virtua ldrives to Mount images or make images. if you have CD or DVD just use it

31.10.2009, 00:40
Ok so maybe this question will solve all of my answers...

Burning a CD without a CD?