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31.10.2009, 22:55
In this Topic I'll post latest and fixed Gerogian translations. Also discuss everything aroung this topic.

Preposition in view Georgian KAT.dll is in Beta stage. There are many incorrections, content incorrection grammar incorections and ...

I know many people, they using DT and helping my to creat Georgian Lang more easy to use. so that’s why open this topic to more actuality finish and correct Translation


Here is latest KAT.dll. which contains a lot fixes. Strongly Recommended to overwrite old KAT.dll this one. 01.11.09:

09.11.2009, 21:06
Today I finished translation. Now DT Georgian lang is fully translated. Of course there will be many incorections but i'll resolve them :)

Strongly Recommended to overwrite old KAT.dll this one. 10.11.09:

23.06.2015, 17:28
some body told me I can find korean translation here
but I search and found nothing

does any body know where it is?