View Full Version : Phantom Drive

31.10.2009, 23:03
Im using windows 7, i uninstalled DT (latest version) and had an error. Now i have a phantom drive that i cant use or delete. Its not in the device manager as far as i can see. Any other way to delete this? i think it may be screwing up SecuROM which is pissing me off.

01.11.2009, 12:32
Did you try to uninstall DT?
What error message is shown when you try to mount an image to this device or delete it?

01.11.2009, 23:12
Uninstalling DT does not get rid of it and DT when running can not see the drive so i cant mount anything. When i double click on the drive in my computer it just asks to insert a disc.

As for deleting it im not sure how. The only way ive seen on the net to delete virtual drives is through the device manager which does not show it as far as i can see.

02.11.2009, 08:49
Did you install any other software that could create this virtual device?