View Full Version : Windows clean install possible without a dvd drive?

01.11.2009, 04:01
Can you do a clean install on a netbook without a dvd drive with daemon tools and an iso, or will it not work through the format?

01.11.2009, 11:39
You can boot windows xp or windows 7 off a usb flash drive, thus eliminating the need for a dvd drive. And only by running winnt32.exe from i386 folder plus some switches that go with it. I can help you with this. You also can create a local source of windows files on another partition and install windows from thee, also by running winnt32.exe, but is much easier to boot off a flash drive.

01.11.2009, 21:18
I just downloaded my copy of Windows 7 and am now trying to figure out how to go about installing it on my newly built computer. You say you can help? Please let me know how so I do not have to go buy some blank DVDs.

Thanks, Dan.

(I am downloading Daemon tools now)