View Full Version : Virtual SCSI Driver not Detected?? pls help :)

26.03.2004, 19:48
Operating System: XP Home- ALL UPDATES
Burning Software: Alchohol
Anti-virus Software: avg - free one
DAEMON Tools Version: Latest version

Hi guys I am new.

If this question has been answered before I apologies in advance. I tried a search..

Anyhow for some reason I get the following error when daemon tools trys to start: Virtual SCSI Driver not Detected

It used to work fine. Installed UT2004 (no dvd drive) with no problems. A couple days later when I try lood the tools BAM.I get the above error message and the tools will not load.

I am also getting a driver error message when I try to run AVG antivirus as well if this helps. This is the error: Driver(CORE) not found winerr=2 (happened around the same time)

Can anyone explain how to fix this using N00b lauguage?